SSE JE 2020: Tips & Tricks to follow

SSC JE is conducted by staff Selection Commission for the recruitment of engineers in civil, mechanical, electrical for various post under central government.

One of the best opportunity for engineers to grab prestigious position under central authority. Every year relatively decent number of vacancies allure aspirants to practice vigorously.

have you ever wonder about what are the features of SSE JE?

The primary test feature of SSC JE is 2 tier examination.

That means SSC JE exam contain two stages. the first stage consists of Tier 1- out of 200 (objective)

100 marks for technical

50 marks for reasoning

50 for general English

Tier 2

consists 7 technical questions (descriptive)

Out of 7 you need to write 5 answers.

How to crack SSC JE in first try?

The first and foremost thing is an aspirant need to believe yourself. It is saying that when you believe yourself you are half way there. Stop wishing, start doing. here begins your journey. Remember! An expert was once a beginner.

What are the key points an aspirant should follow? Obliviously, there are many stepping stones a candidate must climb to reach the top. Let us discuss some important tips and tricks in detail.


Detailed analysis of syllabus

Detailed analysis of syllabus provides a comprehensive insight about the nature, depth and scope of the curriculum. It prepares the candidate an idea about what to learn and what is not meant to learn. The next step is to fragment the easy and difficult part up to the aspirant.

Download syllabus here

Evaluate yourself

Once the detailed syllabus has done, self-evaluation comes next. Understand yourself which is difficult phase for you, where you can perform well. What to study first. Which topic can allocate for last minute reading. Believe me !! it makes huge difference. Following, start your preparations.

Stay confident & positive

Stay confident & positive during exam season will boost your confidence thus paves for excellent performance. There were times when you feel low, you need to remind yourself what you are good at. If you feel anxious or difficult to move, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Remember!! a little bit of stress is good for better performance.

Motivate yourself

Better way to motivate yourself is know yourself. Aware of your strengths and weakness. Stop overthinking. Track your progress will strengthen your confidence. Try to help others it is one of the best way to motivate yourself. Helping others is kind of self -help.

Effective use of time

Effective use of time is much important in exam preparation. It is quite common you might distract and flip in to the trap of social media and scrolling down. Staying organised and there render a stress relief. otherwise on the eve of examination you will gasp and pant.

Time management skill

Time management skill is important ability every student must is helpful to prioritise your task and execute your plans without frustration and stress. You need to create an agenda or set a goal. prioritise your task and avoid procrastination. Please remind procrastination is your false friend.

Solve Previous year question paper

Solving previous year question paper deliver profound knowledge about the type of questions, weightage and pattern of the question paper. It helps the aspirants for the better understanding of one’s knowledge and boost confidence.

Question paper PDF:

Conduct mock test

Mock test helps o understand where you stand, a way to   self-evaluation and clear cut idea about time management skill. Moreover, it is an eye opener, a meticulous result of your position. so, conduct mock test once you done your studies.


Practice make progress!!keep in mind failure is not fatal is the first attempt in learning. Stay positive !!feel free to write us

what are the tips help you during examination? we would like to listen you.

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